Gephi: a new open-source solution for statistical and spatial analysis

Would you like to get nice and attractive graphs for your conference? Do you like to apply algorithms for your research?

Gephi is an open source and user-friendly software to be installed on Windows, Linux or MacOS X. The aim is to help you on the representation of your data, using different layouts and algorithms, always available new tools and updates to fix bugs or apply new analysis.

First of all, you can create your data on Excel, FileMaker or Libre and export it in .csv. Social science, archaeology, economy etc. It doesn’t matter… you can apply on it any kind of data, you just need to know the purpose of your research and why you should apply this tool.

You can open a .xml or .csv file ad then it’ll show you main nodes and edges. The important think is to have a Validate file to avoid possible bugs, it means no columns or strings too long etc., while the easiest way is the best way 🙂

The layout shows you the main properties of your data. The algorithm most used is the “force based“. It shows how linked nodes attract each other and not-linked nodes are pushed way.

You can configure size’s and color’s node and take a screenshots, fix or update your data table.


Fig. 1 – An example of force based layout

You can also apply statistical tools such as:

  • Average degree.
  • Network diameter.
  • Graph density.
  • Connected components.

Data tab

Fig. 2 – The data table


Bastian M., Heymann S., Jacomy M. (2009). Gephi: an open source software for exploring and manipulating networks. International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

Ulrik Brandes, (2001), A Faster Algorithm for Betweenness Centrality, in Journal of Mathematical Sociology 25(2):163-177.

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