Degree & Profession© is a project in the context “Life Beyond Toruism” promoted at an international level by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, a Florentine institution oriented toward the younger generations, of students and professionals.

Degree & Profession© was born to satisfy the students’ request to create opportunities for them to enter in contact with the professional world once they finish their studies and to facilitate their professional growth.Therefore this project offers possibilities to young people to present themselves to practitioners and institutions working in different sectors and, on the other side, it provides also the professionals  with the possibility to identify and make contact with emerging new talents.

This initiative has taken a dual composition: a VIRTUAL THESIS EXPO always open on-line and the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS held during the year in Florence and around the world.

Graduates from any field of study and from any country can upload the highlights of their degree projects, and dissertations together with their curricula, in the Degree Database.
This international archive allows the research for field, year, topic, country, keywords, therefore giving easy access to the projects from all over the world. They also become visible to professionals and studios searching for young professionals with creativity and skills. All the projects participate also in an on-line competition and are exhibited digitally during the Festival in Florence.

Where: ICLAB, Guidoni 103, Florence (Italy)

When: 10-13 November 2014

From: Florence-expo

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